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Discussion in 'Pre-sale Questions' started by simon1066, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. simon1066

    simon1066 New Member

    Jun 17, 2015
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    I'm currently on a Site5 shared server and it's time to move to an unmanaged VPS. I'm attempting to compare Site5's basic unmanaged VPS with yours. Most of the information seems clear to me except the number of cores on the VPS products. So,

    - looking at your VU-2G OpenVZ VPS plan, this shows '8 CPU Cores'

    - Site5's UVPS1, this plan shows 2 cores. However under the 'Features' section towards the bottom of the page under '100% Dedicated Resources' it says 'The nodes that host our virtual server products contain at least 8 cores ...'

    I wondered whether your 8 cores is comparable to Site5's 2 cores or that your 8 cores is actually the number of cores on the nodes.

    To get 8 cores on a SIte5 VPS costs $200/month so you providing this many cores for such a low price made me think twice. Your offering seems very attractive but I wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to sacrifice processing speed because of this.

    Many thanks

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  2. Daniel

    Daniel Administrator Staff Member

    Jan 20, 2012
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    Sorry for the late reply.

    Please note that it is not possible to dedicate a particular core to a VPS only and prevent it from being used by another VPS. Regardless of what a provider advertises, ultimately cores are shared.

    It is not possible for us to compare the performance of our VPS to that of another provider since we do not have benchmarks. Having stated that we ensure that every customer receives his/her fair share of the CPU.
    A typical tmzVPS node has 16 cores/32 threads.

    You can get a dedicated server with 8 cores for $200. If your budget is $200/month I would recommend you to go for a dedicated server instead.

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